A hat is a physical expression of your style and uniqueness. To have your own custom hat is a statement about you and is one of a kind; just like you. It will be a timeless staple of your wardrobe and a cherished piece of your personal history. 
The process in which a custom handmade hat is made is based around communication between the maker and the client. The idea when we start the process is to have a good understanding of not only your size, but also your color and style preferences. We will be communicating with you throughout the process to ensure we are achieving your desired look for the hat.
Given the nature of our handmaking process and our tools. Each hat will have variations in color and its marks. We love this and believe it brings character and life to a brand new hat made just for you.
 If you see a hat you already like on our website or examples of previous customs that you like we are happy to make something similar, however no two pieces will be exactly the same. Please checkout our Instagram page @steamboathatter for more inspiration. 

100% Beaver Fur Felt: Western Weight & Dress Weight

The 100% beaver fur felt hat protects you from the elements. Naturally waterproof. The fur fiber has a soft touch, and a great amount of strength, Allowing your hat to hold its shape and style in heavy rain or snow. Its durability lengthens the life of your hat and allows it to be refurbished after years of wear. 


50/50 Beaver/Hare Fur Felt Western Weight

If you play hard you want your hat to withstand the wear and tear alongside you. We recommend our 50/50 beaver/hare blend. With the mix of naturally waterproof beaver fur fibers mixed in. This hat will provide durability and protection for many lifetimes.


 Rabbit Fur Felt Western Weight

100% Rabbit fur felt is very durable, and far better then wool felt. It will hold its shape in light rain and snow well, Just not as well as beaver or the beaver blend. We have access to many more colors in this felt option though. The final finish will be very similar to the beaver once sanded.


Rabbit Fur Felt Men's Weight

Our "Men's Weight" Felts are a bit lighter then our western weight rabbit felts. They will still hold its shape very well.


Starting price includes a fabric hatband & feather designed by our team. Also your three letter initials stamped in gold foil on the inside of the sweatband!

Custom hat prices starting at:
100% Beaver Felt Western Weight: $1200
100% Beaver Felt Dress Weight: $1200
Beaver/Rabbit Blend Felt Western Weight: $800
100% Rabbit Felt Western Weight & Mens Weight: $600
Brim width over 3.5 inches will add:
Rabbit over 3.5" brim + $150
Blend over 3.5" brim + $200
Beaver over 3.5" brim + $300
Beaver belly wide brim fur felt $1700 (If available)
Add on items for custom made hats:
Special request hatband: $75-$400
23kt gold initials on sweatband up to 3 letters: $70
23kt gold name on sweatband up to 16 letters: $90
Gold foil date on sweatband: $40
Distressing: $20-$200
Pencil curl (Curled brim): $75 full brim, $35 half brim
Hatband pins and artifacts: $10-$200
Accent stitching: $20-$200. Time dependant.
Restorations: $75-250
New Sweatband: $75
Complementary hat branding with your name or initials. We use a hot branding iron for this!
Hatband bar pricing depends on material and time to customize a band with us. $25-$200
We ask for a partial deposit to start on your custom hat.
Please contact us via email or Instagram before submitting your deposit to insure we have the color and felt finish you prefer. Thank you.
to start your design process!